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Did you know that lousy sheep cost the Australian Wool Industry over $123 Million dollars a year?

Coddington Dipping - Sheep Dipping Contractors NSW AustraliaThere is one thing we can be sure of and that is the service we provide to our farmers. Coddington Dipping go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction and excellence second to none. Making your sheep dipping process efficient, cost saving and entire.

Coddington Dipping - Sheep Dipping Contractors NSW AustraliaResearch shows farmers that take the precautions of dipping their sheep end up with the most dollars. Your commodity is your gold mine, it is our priority to ensure we assist you in receiving the maximum profit year after year.

Sheep Dipping to eliminate lice
Sheep Dipping to eliminate lice
Sheep Dipping to eliminate lice

Why eradicate lice?

Eradication of lice would save so many $$$$$

If you have sheep lice this year you can bet you will have it next year. Particularly if the lice are left untreated or not treated correctly.

Infested sheep have evident behaviours of being lousy and will attempt to alleviate the irritation by scratching, rubbing, biting and pulling at their fleece. Typically you will be able to see the tell tale signs on fences around your property where the sheep have rubbed leaving their cotted wool. By examining your sheep the classic signs to look for are matted fleece, fleece colour change, reduced appetite and body condition.

It only takes one neighbours sheep to enter your property and mix with your mob. It only takes one newly introduced sheep into the mob to spread the lice like wild fire.

Do yourself a favour and give us a call today and elimiate lice in our state of the art mobile sheep cage dip! Ask us how we can save you money.

Why choose us?

  • Our mobile Dipping cage can service over 5000 sheep in 1 day

  • Our service is superior and professional

  • Competitive prices backed with quality work, reliable and professional services.

  • We use only the best chemical that suites your needs.

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Sheep Dipping Contractors NSW Australia

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